and through tears that burned holes into translucent skin, it was clear   Advertisements

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Somedays I want to die.

Somedays I will want to die. Somedays my body will rock back and forth and the arms around my legs will not stop the chattering of my teeth or the way I talk to myself and say ‘I want to die’ and ‘I want to go home’ when I am sat living and I am […]

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I read

Paranoia is described, officially, as a mental condition characterised by delusions of persecution and unwarranted jealousy typically worked into an organised system. It sounds formal when you put it like that, as if paranoia just sits on the surface projecting ideas that may or may not be true in a form of creative exploitation where the […]

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Love is a conquest and I am not on the winning team, I am thoughtless but think too much.  I am worth little and where i come from I mean less than my appearance and I suffer from my body due to it’s untimely existence where skinny is pretty and perfection is something only sought after, […]

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You     I remember when I first heard your name. It was in passing conversation and I wondered little about it at the time as you were just a friend of a friend. Yet I still wondered about you, sometimes, when I’d hear the same name. Yours mentioned again maybe, but perhaps someone else’s. […]

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Who I am

It’s weird going through a phase with yourself where you don’t even know who you are to yourself, whether you like yourself or whether you’re a good person. I want to think that I am good, that I hold the capabilities of being wonderful, something that someone can be proud of instead of me just […]

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